BlogArt, PhotosCe photographe anglais réalise des clichés originaux avec des simples morceaux de papier

Ce photographe anglais réalise des clichés originaux avec des simples morceaux de papier

C’est un travail fascinant ! Vous n’imaginerez pas qu’on peut faire des merveilles avec un bout de papier. Eh bien, ce photographe anglais Rich McCor connu sous le nom de Paperboyo sur Instagram est la preuve concrète. Il voyage à travers le monde et réalise des photos originales. C’est un artiste avec plein de créativité et d’imagination en utilisant des morceaux de papier noir découpés dans des formes particulières. Ces photos montrent son incroyable talon.

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I'm struggling with a caption about this building so instead I'll tell you about the Ninja Restaurant I went to after I took this photo. Yup-a Ninja Restaurant. As soon as I walked in the un-assuming entrance things got weird; I was greeted by a Ninja who jumped out of no-where (if you can call that a greeting). He then hurried me underground through a labyrinth of hidden doors, waterfalls and over a bridge that appeared & then disappeared (at which point I wondered if it was Richard O' Brien under the Ninja outfit because it was very Crystal Maze like). Anyway eventually we end up in a mini courtyard and this is where I'm seated. Richard O'Brien bows, leaves and then pretty much immediately returns with a black cocktail (which was surprisingly delicious) & suggests the Tasting Menu. I decide it's probably best not to disagree with a Ninja (and I've always liked Richard O'Brien) so I agree with his suggestion. I think there were nine dishes and each one was served with a flourish- something was either set on fire, cut with a sword, floating on dry ice or was decorated lavishly (and of course Richard O'Brien is on hand to refill your mysterious black cocktail throughout the night). Everyone also gets a visit from the Master Ninja but I won't ruin the surprise. It was a fun night- I can totally recommend it if you're in Tokyo- the restaurant is called Ninja Akasaka (Sorry to those that won't get the Richard O'Brien reference) #TokyoTokyo @tokyotokyooldmeetsnew #SponsoredPost #DentsuBuilding

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