Le Clip et Paroles de Vanessa Carlton – Nolita Fairytale

Vanessa Carlton – Nolita Fairytale

i know, you know, we don’t, see
for our truth weighed patiently
i walk this street with the sun in my hair,
the air that we float through
got my toes on my *butt, got the *put in my bed
my heart always seems to love,
i take the flicks back, i want the sol instead
cause i want some kinda fairytale

used to, harbor, outside my, truth
always worrying, what i’d lose
i’d take away my record deal, what i don’t need it
spent the last two years getting too upscale,
now i can see so clear
i hope you feel just like i feel,
i found some kinda fairytale

oohhh ohh oh oooooooh oh
want a garden by the ocean tide,
cause i lose my way searching for states like..
we’ll see if he knows and our finger sow,
cause its the seeds we sow, well now i know
and i’ll lead up that old lank control, thats the life i choose
can’t drag me to a fashion show, the poses that i see through
the movies in the afternoon,
cause i found some kinda fairy-tale, HEY!

nolita fairytale (babababadada)
nolita fairytale (x4)