Robin Thicke Magic Clip Paroles

Découvrez le nouveau single de Robin Thicke Magic. Robin Thicke a été mis sur le devant de la scène grâce au duo avec 50 Cent : Follow my lead. Découvrez le clip de Magic.

Paroles Robin Thicke Magic
alright baby
I can’t make the paint deasepaear
And i can’t anyway is the past
I can’t make the futur chance alright
And i can’t make brown konw alright

I got, You got,
We’ve got the magic yeah
[repeat 4x]

All I got is can’t will all around me
But I can’t see the contry side
We can be (inconpréensible)…pomp when you’re rich
You takin be ready
And I can be the sunshine


When I sometimes,sometimes, you feel "no hard"
I’ll hope in there what that part was only round(wouw)
I just (imcompréhensible) love whit me
Because i know then we’re say "be free"


Sayed is takin true this
But i konw waht i can do it
I can fly, I can better in my mind
I can wake up, in a paradise

we’ve got the magic
we’ve got the magic
we’ve got the magic(hey)
we’ve got the magic(we’ve got the.magic..)
we’ve got the magic(oh, we’ve got the magic)
we’ve got the magic( the magic)
we’ve got the magic(ouh…got the magic)
we’ve got the magic( com on…got the magic)

everywhere got in

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3 réflexions au sujet de “Robin Thicke Magic Clip Paroles”

  1. ola!!! il y a plein de fautes!!!
    sa commence comme sa

    i can make the pain desepear
    and i can erase the past
    i can make the futur shall so right
    and i can make right now alright

    et le refrain c’est :
    i’ve got it, you’ve got it
    we’ve got the magic in

    et après aussi c’est bourré de fautes!!!

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