Shakira Did it Again + paroles

Découvrez le nouveau clip de Shakira Did it Again réalisé par Sophie Muller. C’est le second extrait de son nouvel album après She Wolf.

Les paroles :
Back in trouble
I don’t get it

Keep it down
It’s logical
We ignore it (yes, I know)
Getting better


When it comes to men it’s known
That I am the choosing one
‘Cause I always trip and fall
The same old ? and repeat and go back

How blind a girl can be
To miss you hide your ring
Thought about everything
I’m so naive I’m ? and all that

Did it again, love
I got it all wrong
But it felt so right
I can’t believe it

And all the mistakes
That went on for too long
Wish there was a way
I could delete it

Oh, oh, oh
Ah, ah, ah

It may seem to you that I am in a place
Where I’m losing the direction of my life
But I’m sure that this is nothing but a phase
“Right back at ya,” his eyes so vile

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