Skip Skip Slide, le clip le plus ridicule de l’été 2014

Skip Skip Slide clip

C’est sans doute le clip le plus WTF de l’été 2014 !
Le groupe Three Beat Slide composé de l’homme au bob et de ses 5 bobettes nous présente leur chanson Skip Skip Slide, deuxième titre après Summertime is Great (à voir ci-après).
Et on peut dire que ces 6 personnes n’ont pas du tout peur du ridicule …

Skip Skip Slide clip 1

Skip Skip Slide clip 2

Le clip vidéo

Chargement du player …


Et comme on vous aime bien, on vous met les paroles de la chanson :

It’s a beautiful day
Let’s go outside and play
Got the water balloons (uh huh!)
Got the lays (yeah!)
Got the bubbles (yep)
So we’re A-OK
Let’s go outside and play
[Refrain] X 2
Walk, Walk, Walk
Skip, Skip, Skip
Tickle….. Yeah!

Walking up with my gals!
Now listen up, I’m with my pals!
This song ain’t no joke
Cause we’re all so stoked
Being with my friends is just the prize
On a day with no flies
We’ll have fun outside
When the sun’s nice and high
So get your cheeks[?] off the seat
Let your body take the beat
[Refrain] X 2
Yo I’m John and that’s my name
And I’m the boss of the song
I like to talk, on my phone
But today its just been gone
Playing jump rope is my thing
And yes, I really can sing!
Spling, Spling is just my bling
And having a ball is a hell of a thing!
[Refrain] X 2
Swatting mosquitoes like we’re dumb
Trying to smack them is no fun
Spinning around in the sun
Getting a tan, just like Sam
Fooling around with water balloons
Picking them out, like a game
Even though, they’re all the same
Now 3, 2, 1
[Refrain] X 2

Summertime is Great

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