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BlogPhotosLa tenue cosplay de cette femme est tout simplement impressionnante !

La tenue cosplay de cette femme est tout simplement impressionnante !

S’il y a des fans surprenants et surtout très créatifs, c’est sans doute les cosplayeurs. Lors des congrès ou des rassemblements, ils viennent en grand groupe et se reconnaîtront facilement par leur façon de s’habiller. Leur est très précise et représente un particulier.

Certains parmi eux s’en sont même servis pour se rebeller contre le système appliqué dans le milieu du travail. En général, les tenues qu’ils portent sont conçues en partant de rien !

Alyson Tabbitha, une cosplayeuse professionnelle

Cela paraît incroyable et pourtant, personne n’a pu jusqu’ici devancer Alyson Tabbitha. Cette dernière est même devenue une grande image de grâce à ses talents très surprenants.

Dans cette photo, elle représente Wonder Woman.

I did a #WonderWoman makeup test, that turned into a full dress rehearsal that resulted in this!! ? . Full costume, makeup & hair done by me! ( @AlysonTabbitha ) :) . The costume isn't finished yet, since I still need to make the belts, shoes lasso , and props! But I was so exited I couldn't resist trying it on! lol . I made the armor out of craft foam and poster board, & the base of the breastplate was made out of @TreeFlx ! I definitely leared a lot of new skills while making this! . Once I saw the Wonder Woman movie I stopped all other projects to prioritize this cause I was so inspired! lol . (Shout out to my @pugliepug phone sicker ?) . #wonderwomancostume #wonderwomancosplay #galgadot #galgadotcosplay #justiceleaguecosplay #justiceleague #cosplayer #cosplaytransformation #cosplaymakeup #ww #wwcosplay #makeuptransformation #beforeandafter #bathroomselfie #beforeamdaftercosplay #inandoutcosplay #jlhalloween #halloween

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En voyant la photo, il est très difficile de croire qu’il ne s’agit pas de Gal Gado !

Tous ses costumes sont tous aussi jolis et impressionnants les uns des autres. Dans la photo ci-dessous, elle joue le rôle de Leeloo du blockbuster, dans un film science-fiction, datant des années 90, intitulé The Fifth Element.

SUPER GREEN! ?☄ This #Leeloo costume of mine quickly became one of my favorite costumes to wear at cons! Between the character and comfort, its just so much fun! ? ? . Wig , costume & makeup by me! (@alysontabbitha) Suspenders by the talented @cleighcreations ! . THIS IS NOW AVAILABLE AS A PRINT IN MY SHOP! :) LINK IN BIO! . . #leeloodallasmultipasscosplay #leeloodallasmultipass #fifthelement #fifthelementcosplay #alysontabbitha #cosplaytransformation #thefifthelement #thefifthelementcosplay #leeloocosplay #leeloodallas #leeloodallascosplay #orangehair #supergreen #multipass

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#FemaleTitan Cosplay before and after transformation! ? now I just need to figure out how to become 14 meters tall lol ?? Full costume / makeup / wig by me! @AlysonTabbitha Currently working on editing this tutorial! . I made a bodysuit with a dance leotard and leggings and sewed them together, padded it to add more muscle mass & shape, then painted it with cheap 1$ acrylic paint from walmart! I also painted white gloves & toe socks ( tho you can't see in this pic) ! & Omg the 2nd season of #AttackonTitan was SO GOOD! Missed seeing my titan girl but I can't wait until the 3rd comes out in 2018!! ? . . #aot #aotcosplay #femaletitancosplay #beforeandafter #beforeandaftercosplay #inandoutofcosplay #cosplay #cosplaytransformation #makeuptransformation #titancosplay #titanannie #titananniecosplay

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Hey friends! ^_^ I was doing #Lightning #Cosplay stuff so I got a qucik before and after selfie! Full costume/Makeup/wig made and worn by me!@AlysonTabbitha . Although this might seem like a "simple" costume to some, it was very detailed to make and is one of my favorites character / cosplays to be / wear! <3 I really love this costume even if its not as dramatic as my other cosplay tranformations! :) . #lightningcosplay #beforeandafter #beforeandaftercosplay #cosplaytransformation #makeuptransformation #bathroomselfie #ffxiii #ff13 #finalfantasy13 #finalfantasyxiii #ff13cosplay #ffxiiicosplay #lightningfarron

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#padme #starwars #halloween #costume it was super quick and easy just a turtleneck and leggings and made some accessories. I will remake it before I wear it to a convention though.

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OLD photo! Lol I just never uploaded it to instagram. And thought since it's been recirculating the Internet recently that it'd be a good time for a throwback! So I took this photo on halloween 2011 uploaded it to my personal Facebook in 2012 asking my friends if I should be jack again for Halloween, a year later it went viral. I then stated getting asked if I had a cosplay page or youtube. I didn't think anyone would care, but I made them anyway in 2014. I started posting photos of my first costume (Lightning returns garb) for my first convention and was overwhelmed with kind words of encouragment and support. I was kinda thrust into the cosplay community, and it welcomed me with warm open arms and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunities I've had and the friends I've made. I always loved playing dress up, and now I just feel like I have a giant family that loves it with me. And I can thank this photo a bit for that. #cosplaycommunity #crossplay #jacksparrowcosplay #jacksparrow #throwback #omgoldcamera #bathroomselfie

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Throwback to @cosplayersonly ! One of my favorite con experiences to to date ! #cosplayamerica #edwardscissorhandscosplay #cosplayamerica2016

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I finally did a dress rehearsal for my #Lestat cosplay!! (before and after bathroom selfie that ya know I love doing lol) I will be debuting this cosplay on Sunday at #HolidayMatsuri2016 @hollymatsuri Orl FL Dec 16-18 Also I gotta mention this beautiful fabric from @cosplayfabrics that I used for the coat and vest of this costume! I'm so grateful to the @yayahan cosplay fabric line for making this available to us cosplayers that have trouble finding the right fabrics at our local stores! <3 This beautiful #royalbrocade was a great fabric to work with, and it really makes the costume !! ^_^ #crossplay #cosplayfabrics #lestatdelioncourt #lestatcosplay #iwtv #interviewwiththevampire #interviewwithavampirecosplay #iwtvcosplay #interviewwiththevampirecosplay #beforeandafter #beforeaftercosplay #makeuptest #makeuptransformation #femaletomale #lestatdelioncourtcosplay #holidaymatsuri

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@pug.nugget finished his #luciocosplay ?? for @cosplayersonly Who will we see at #CosplayAmerica2017 ?? . . #overwatch #overwatchcosplay #lucio #cosplay #pug #pugcosplay #dogcosplay

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Actuellement, son compte Instagram regroupe pas moins de 400 000 abonnés avec ses photos obtenant des milliers de likes. Beaucoup se demandent certainement comment elle fait pour réussir une transformation pareille.

En tout cas, ce qui est sur, c’est qu’il faudra du courage mais aussi beaucoup de patience. Mais en attendant, voici une vidéo tutoriel, expliquant comment elle s’y prend.

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