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A cause de sa beauté, cette femme a perdu toutes ses amies !

On savait que la beauté pouvait être fatale. Mais pas en amitié. Cette charmante femme en est pourtant la preuve .

Jane Curnow est une femme séduisante, avec son teint de pêche, sa crinière blonde et sa taille svelte. Depuis son second divorce, elle est beaucoup sortie, afin de croquer la vie à pleines dents. Et comme elle ne passe pas inaperçue, elle reçoit beaucoup « d’attention » de la gent masculine.

#tbt April 2012. 45 years young. A glamour photo shoot just for fun. The old Jane that I don't even recognise!! Her life is about to turn upside down; so weird when you look at old photos and you know what is ahead in life but the you in the photo doesn't have a clue!! . This is 5 months before I started my transformation and bodybuilding journey. Skinny fat, lost, depressed, partying & drinking way too much, behaving badly and abusing my body. But still at the gym 4 times a week… spin & boxing classes were my thing back then and I am on the verge of my serious hip injury. An injury that saw me endure incredible pain for the next 5 months. A cortisone injection into the left hip socket was the end result and no more cardio!! I was beside myself.. I was dragged kicking, screaming and crying into the weights room for rehab… And so my love affair with weight training and my body begins ❤️??? . #glamourphotoshoot #throwbackthursday #skinnyfat #oldme #photoshoot #injury #hipinjury #labraltear #changeoflife #changeofdirection #rehabtraining #injuryrecovery #glamourmodel #glamourphoto #noidea #whatwasithinking #fortyandfabulous #over40andfabulous

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Et c’est bien là le drame de sa vie ! En effet, quand ces messieurs commencent à papillonner autour d’elle, ses amies préfèrent s’éloigner. À la longue, Curow a perdu la majorité de ses copines, et s’est sentie bien seule, sans qu’elle ait compris pourquoi :

« Les femmes étaient (et sont toujours) jalouses et pleines de ressentiment à mon égard mais, à l’époque, je n’ai pas mis cela sur le compte de mon apparence, ou de leur sentiment d’insécurité.

J’ai perdu beaucoup d’amies et j’ai toujours pensé que c’était de ma faute. Je ne l’ai pas attribué à mon physique jusqu’à la trentaine, quand de soi-disantes copines me plantaient dans les bars à cause de l’attention masculine que je recevais. »

Curnow a finalement eu une dépression à 32 ans. Elle a souffert de cette maladie pendant presque dix ans. Puis, elle a réussi à reprendre le dessus, et à assimiler ce que cela signifiait que d’être heureuse, malgré son apparence. Mieux, elle a appris à vivre avec l’attraction qu’elle exerce sur les hommes :

« J‘ai réalisé la puissance de mon apparence, mais les sentiments qui en résultaient n’étaient pas de la fierté ou du bonheur, mais une pression incroyable.

Je me suis demandée : Si je suis aussi belle que tout le monde dit, pourquoi suis-je si malheureuse ? Pourquoi je ne vis pas un rêve ? « 

Si vous ne vous aimez pas sans le corps et l’apparence (…)  cela ne fait que souligner combien vous détestez la personne à l’intérieur de vous. Vous finissez par attacher votre estime de soi en tenant compte de l’extérieur, ce qui n’est pas la bonne voie. »

#tbt❤️ March 2013. 46 years young. Day after my first bikini comp. Combined bikini and lifestyle shoot. I like this one ? . #bikinicompetitor #bikinimodel #photoshoot #lifestyleshoot #sassy #powerwoman #strongwoman #empoweringwomen #healthcoach #coach #personalcoach #lifestylecoach #empowerment #bossbabe #liveyourdreams #fitat50 #fitover50 #fiftyandfabulous #50andfabulous #fitat46 #ageisjustanumber #throwbackthursday #photoshoot

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Curnow a maintenant 51 ans, et travaille comme coach de fitness et de lifestyle. Elle veut aider les femmes à se sentir plus autonomes, et à embrasser leur beauté intérieure et extérieure. Comme elle a si bien réussi à le faire.

Ten things I do to cope with stress and negativity. . 1️⃣Workout. My training is so much more than physical. It's my therapy! ?? 2️⃣Get out into nature. Sunshine, sunrise, birds, water, trees. ???? 3️⃣Deep breathes. Or just become conscious of my breathing. 4️⃣Play, cuddle, spend time with my fur babies. ? 5️⃣Sleep.?And I fall asleep with subliminal affirmations. 6️⃣No TV. No news. No radio. No media! 7️⃣See my energetic healer. 8️⃣Get my nails done ?? 9️⃣Take a bath ?? ? Listen to one of my inspirational/motivational gurus. . It's been a challenging week on numerous levels. For the first time since I have declared myself fully recovered I have felt overwhelmed. But now I have a tool box of tricks that I can pull out to ride me through tough times. Everything in life is only temporary; we need to learn to dance in the storm until the sun rises again. And I will rise again too! I didn't come this far to only come this far!!! Setbacks only mean the comeback is on its way stronger than ever!!! ?????? . .

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Honored and humbled to be featured on @fit_over_50_ There is a growing number of us that are approaching midlife in a non traditional way. Who says turning 50 is the beginning to the end of life?? My life is only just beginning!!!! ?????? . . #Repost @fit_over_50_ (@get_repost) ・・・ We often hear people say how their gym time this their therapy and Jane is proof that fitness transformation is not just new muscle, it's a shift in your mind , body, and soul. Jane is 51, and she was very honest to share this: "Bodybuilding literally saved my life. I was clinically depressed, 2 attempts on my life.. and with low self worth clearly. And here I am over 50 on top of the world!! You are never too old to turn your life around. You simply cannot go wrong with health & fitness!!

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Well hello there Ms Tricep. It's been a while; nice to see you again!!! Shredding seriously is an amazing ride. It's like slowly peeling away layers of an onion. But the prize is not tears but immense pride and empowerment!!! I lead a blessed life!! ??❤️ Age is a state of mind!!! 51 years young!!! ???????? . .

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Are you worried about aging? Do you get anxious with every new wrinkle? Do you get Botox regularly? Or do those very painful laser treatments? Or maybe just the latest expensive anti-wrinkle cream? . I was obsessed, and I do mean obsessed, with my aging skin. I believed that I was dumb, failed at life as I didn't have the man, house, kids and the only thing I had going for me was my socially glorified appearance. Doesn't being slim, blonde and attractive mean all your dreams come true? So I clung to my looks for dear life and was terrified of aging. . Here I am at 51 years young!! I haven't had Botox for 3 years, I wear hardly any makeup and I only use organic rose hip oil for skincare. My lifestyle has seen wrinkles disappear, I have more energy than I did 10 years ago, I never get sick but more importantly I don't even care about my aging skin. I can go a whole day without even checking my reflection in the mirror!! I have discovered my inner beauty and I now realize it was always there!! True beauty comes from the inside!! Yeah I thought that was a load of ? too but trust me when you get to this place you will know too. ❤️???? .

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Are you approaching fitness in an unhealthy way? Are you a group exercise addict fuelling your obsession to be skinny? Are your gym sessions punishment for what you ate? Are you starving yourself to look like a catwalk model? Do you only care about no. of calories over nutritional value? Would you give anything to be a fitness model and look like this..? . This girl believed that achieving this was her ticket to happiness. She had come from 25 years of all of the above and threw herself into bodybuilding fuelled by vanity and low self worth. I honestly believed that achieving this Jane was the answer to my life long misery. But the thing is if you don't love yourself before looking like this will not change how you feel about yourself or your life. Trust me!! I attached my self worth to my body as too many of us women do. Yes I am privileged but don't let the socially glorified exterior fool you. I was miserable and cried the day of this shoot. Isn't looking like this supposed to mean all your dreams come true???!!! . We are so much more than than what we look like!! Yeah I thought that was a load of ? too. Why do we women obsess over our weight and appearance??!! Isn't kindness and compassion what makes us beautiful..? The cool thing about my journey is I now love myself and my life AND I got to keep the body!!! Let me show you how!!!!! ❤️????? . . @womenshealthmag @womenshealthaus @oxygenmagau @womensfitnessmag @gorgomag @fitnessfirstmag

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Ten things I do to stay focused, disciplined and committed to my fitness goals. 1️⃣I fuel my body with premium food, supplementation and filtered water. 2️⃣In turn I stabilise my blood sugar levels to keep my emotions in check and eliminate cravings. 3️⃣I practice mindfulness and gratitude. 4️⃣I eliminate all forms of main stream media. 5️⃣I get plenty of sleep. 6️⃣I engage a pro team who are committed to supporting me achieve my goals. 7️⃣I relish in the journey and enjoy the process with patience and persistence. 8️⃣I am consistent and tenacious with my habits. 9️⃣I prioritise my time and money accordingly. ?I feed my mind with positivity and inspiration eliminating all negative influences. . This is a girl who suffered debilitating depression, substance addictions, suicidal tendencies, hated herself and her body and whose life was in complete disarray. To say the woman in this photo went through a transformation is an understatement!! If you had asked me 5 years ago how I would celebrate my 50th I would have said in a coffin!! What a journey I have been blessed with ??❤️If I can do this anyone can!! ???? . . @womenshealthaus @gorgomag @womensfitnessmag @oxygenmagau @nxtlvlactivewear

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Smashed my workout out of the ball park!!!!! This is my second leg session today; this is my tenth (10!) workout in 6 days. This is 80kgs 6×6!!!! I made a mistake with the numbers as I too often do on my own… like I can be really blonde sometimes ???I thought I had 70 on the bar for the first set. So my dumbness actually makes me stronger!!! ?????????? . .

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#tbt September 2016. Celebrating my 50th birthday on stage and my declaration to the world that I am fully recovered from life long depression!! 12 months ago this weekend!! ???❤️ . Why do we women obsess about the decade birthday…? I was beyond depressed for my 30th and suicidal for my 40th. I was determined to welcome my 50th in true new Jane fashion and symbolic of my recovery. Bodybuilding literally saved my life!!! ?????? . .

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10 things I do every day to honour & respect my body. ❤️ . 1️⃣I eat only real, whole food mainly organic. 2️⃣I prepare all 5-7 meals from scratch. 3️⃣I exercise age & injury appropriately 6 days a week. 4️⃣I drink more than 2 litres of filtered water. 5️⃣I have warm lemon juice with bicarb soda on rising. 6️⃣I have 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. 7️⃣I take premium quality supplements. 8️⃣I use paraben/sulphate free or organic skin, hair & personal products. 9️⃣I sleep at least 8 hours. ?I thank and appreciate my body for giving me the gift of life ?? . My body shines for me as I have built my life around nurturing and nourishing it. I spent 25 years abusing my body and as soon as I stopped hating on it I achieved and retained my dream body and in turn premium health. Loving your body is the answer!! ❤️?❤️?❤️? . . .

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