BlogLifestyleDes photos de femmes avec des poils sur Instagram pour débuter 2020

Des photos de femmes avec des poils sur Instagram pour débuter 2020

Dans le cadre du Januhairy, des femmes postent des photos d’elles avec leurs poils sur Instagram.

S’approprier son corps

Januhairy est un défi lancé par Laura Jackson une étudiante anglaise en 2018. Il consiste à encourager les femmes à ne pas s’épiler en relevant le défi de poster des photos d’elles avec leurs poils sur Internet. L’objectif est de promouvoir l’acceptation du corps poilu de la femme tout en collectant de l’argent pour des œuvres de charité.

Une femme qui n’a pas enlevé ses poils n’est pas bien vu en société, c’est pour changer cela que Januhairy a été mis en place. Pour celles qui y participent, l’idée n’est pas d’inciter toutes les femmes à ne plus s’épiler. C’est surtout de les encourager à s’accepter et à s’approprier de leur corps, avec ou sans poils.

Janvier est le mois propice de l’année pour commencer à ne pas recourir aux rasoirs, cires ou autres procéder d’épilation. En effet, comme c’est l’hiver, les vêtements chauds cachent les poils laissés libres de pousser.

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“It’s incredibly validating to see this image Alex took of me shared with the intention to create a conversation how we see hair and femininity. Since this image has started to be shared I’ve gotten a lot of questions around the journey of my body hair. It’s something I’ve run from my entire life until about 3 years ago. To the point where I had developed anxiety around hair & didn’t want to even be around people who had a lot of it too. It was a deep self hatred reinforced through bullying & overall beauty standards. The last day I shaved was actually Valentine’s Day. I was told by my current boyfriend he would never take me anywhere nice with facial, armpit or leg hair so in order to please him I shaved everything so we could “have a nice date”. HE FUCKING DUMPED ME ON THAT DATE. And from that point on I made the decision to NEVER alter my body to appease someone else. That decision was probably one of the best I’ve ever made regarding my relationship with my body. Which only grew stronger when I was starting to be approached about modeling & making adult content. Modeling was something I’d wanted to do since I was a child but when I started maturing I noticed even after shaving how prominent my leg hair was so I literally just didn’t bother before. I grew up hating & hiding a part of my body that now people were LITERALLY worshiping. There are still hateful people yelling what they think of me in public but honestly who doesn’t deal with that? People will always find a reason to dislike who you are & what you’re about. That’s why I hang on to the people who love me & the kind words people send me. There’s also another reason I don’t shave that many don’t think of. I have Lyme Disease which causes chronic fatigue & an overall weakness of the immune system. So it takes a lot of energy for me to shave allll the hair I have that grows SO FAST. And when I did shave I got ingrown hairs & infections all over. My body literally had to deal with more bacteria on it JUST from shaving. This isn’t a PSA to shave or not shave. This is a PSA to choose to do what makes you happiest with your body. Thanks for reading my lil journey.” ~ @bramstrokeher 📸 by @alexandrakacha

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