« Stonemilker », le nouveau clip interactif à 360° de Björk

bjork stonemilker

Après Avicii, c’est au tour de Björk de publier un clip interactif à 360 degrés. La chanteuse islandaise a dévoilé Stonemilker, une chanson issue de l’album Vulnicura, sorti en janvier dernier, dont voici la tracklist :

1. Stonemilker
2. Lionsong
3. History of Touches
4. Black Lake
5. Family
6. Notget
7. Atom Dance
8. Mouth Mantra
9. Quicksand

Les paroles de la chanson

A juxtapositioning fate
Find our mutual coordinate
Moments of clarity are so rare
I better document this
At last the view is fierce
All that matters is
Who is open chested
And who has coagulated
Who can share
And who has shut down the chances
Show me emotional respect
I have emotional needs
I wish to synchronize our feelings
What is it that I have
That makes me feel your pain
Like milking a stone
To get you to say it
Who is open
And who has shut up
And if one feels closed
How does one stay open
We have emotional need
I wish to synchronize our feelings
Show some emotional respect

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