BlogArtMoquée par sa maladie de l’épiderme (vitiligo), elle a fait de son corps une oeuvre d’art

Moquée par sa maladie de l’épiderme (vitiligo), elle a fait de son corps une oeuvre d’art

Ash Soto n’a que 12 ans quand les médecins lui diagnostiquent un vitiligo. Cette maladie de l’épiderme a gâché son adolescence, ses camarades de classe multipliant les moqueries. Un jour, suite à une remarque de trop, Ash Soto a décidé de combattre ce complexe. Et elle a choisi l’art comme remède.

Des poses topless décomplexées

Accablée par les remarques à l’école, la jeune femme a connu un électrochoc lorsqu’une petite fille lui a demandé si elle s’était douchée avec de l’eau de javel. Depuis ce jour, Ash Soto a décidé de faire de sa maladie un atout. En interview pour le Daily Mail, elle a expliqué son renouveau :

« Je n’ai jamais réalisé à quel point mon vitiligo était beau avant de le tracer avec un marqueur noir. Il aide vraiment à faire ressortir toutes les couleurs de ma peau ».

Totalement libérée, Ash Soto n’hésite pas à dévoiler son corps sur son compte Instagram. Elle vient d’ailleurs de passer le cap des 100 000 abonnés.

Paint chronicles ? It was fun being her canvas. Everyone is art, not everyone sees it but with time you will. Confidence doesn't happen with a switch it takes time and you can get there if you just start believing it. Believe you are beautiful. Believe you're worth it. Believe that those quirks that make you who you are is what makes you different. Remember to always stay #bodypositive ?

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I'm a little late on this but happy new year to all you angels, wishing you nothing but the best. This has honestly been my best year yet. I've grown as a person. I've reached a level of self love I never thought possible. I started believing in myself but most importantly I've never been more content and happy internally. Excited to see what this new year has in store for me and hopefully I can keep inspiring you all and helping you grow to reach that self love everyone deserves to feel ?⭐

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I am my own experiment, I am my own work of art. The girl with the world painted on her body ? By being yourself and embracing it only makes you put something amazing in the world that wasn't there and that makes you unique ⭐️ credits to @torpe.ternura for making me her canvas ?

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Starry night ⭐️✨⭐️ Remember you are MAGIC. Don't ever let anyone dull your sparkle. Let that sparkle from within shine brightly on the outside with confidence, self love, and positivity. Be proud to wear YOU #vitiligo ?

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I get stretch marks just like everyone else regardless of if I have a skin condition or not. I go through all the same struggles you all go through that's why I preach self love so much. I don't care if I have to repeat myself in every caption to love who you are regardless if you have tiger stripes, #vitiligo, or whatever the case may be. I'll sound like a broken record each time because at least someone reminded you to appreciate and love yourself unconditionally always ??❤

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It's crazy what years difference can make, right picture was before I had vitiligo – always with a smile on my face and joking around, I was super outgoing. Bottom right is when my vitiligo first started spreading and that's when the jokes started which caused me to never wear shorts or short sleeves again. I've been called cow, I even was once told I had Michael Jackson syndrome. How can an innocent girl trying to find herself take that? Both pictures on the left represent confidence, making something negative into a positive. When life gives you lemons what do you do? Make the best of it. No, I wasn't born with it, I grew into it which was the hardest thing I've ever been through. But now I look back and I'm happy that I went through it because I wouldn't be as strong as I am today ?? #selflove #vitiligo #bodypositivity ?

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Les maladies ou handicaps n’ont jamais empêché la beauté. La preuve en images avec ces célèbres mannequins.

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